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LIBA AGM Minutes

Minutes of the London Irish BA AGM held on Sunday 20th January 2019 at 10.30am at Mid Surrey Bowling Club. Old Deer Park. Kew Road, Richmond TW9 2AZ
The meeting was opened by President Frank Oliver at 10.30am by welcoming all attenders and thanking them for coming.
The following members were present: Jim Collins, Mike Power, Des Hunter, Alan McInerney, Frank Oliver, Hugh Russell, Andy Docker, Kevin Curran, Sean Fallon, Bruce MacBride ,Piers Ashbourne, Dick Cummins, Dave Polly,
1.        Apologies for Absence
Richard Clarke, Ken Richardson, Jim Barr, Mike Allen, Barrie Malone, Sim Adamson, John Lyttle. Jason Lyttle, Bill Baxter, Jim Hassard and Aidrian Mellett
2.         Obituaries
The meeting stood in memory of members who had passed away in the year since the last AGM.  Their names being Eileen Cummins wife of past President and committee member Dick Cummins, past member Pat Foley, Joe Hanlon and Mike Sooby.
Dick Cummins addressed the meeting to thank members for all the cards of condolence and the support they had given him.
3.         New Members Attending Their First AGM

4.         Minutes of the 2018 AGM
These had been posted on the website, and hard copies were available.
These were proposed by Andy Docker and seconded by Bruce MacBride
5.         Matters Arising
6.         Correspondence
Jim reported that he had sent a letter to the London Scots wishing them well during their Centenary year.
7.         Members Applications
8.         Reports
A.        Captains Report
Nigel had sent his apologies for not attending and asked Jim Collins to read his report.
Captains Report AGM 2019

I am writing this prior to my operation which took place on the 9th and wish you all well. I will explain later why I cannot be with you today.

I have really enjoyed my time as your Captain, which could have been much easier had I been able to have obtained a full team of players for each game. Outdoors, apart from my Captains invitation day when we had a number of Irish players playing against my three rinks, we won every game as we did on the tour of Portugal, so well done to all those who took part. 

Indoors too, has so far been very successful under my leadership with only one narrow defeat when we played only three rinks against King George Field.

So looking back, the highlight for me was to win again the Outdoor Mini Internationals and also the two victories against the London Scottish in 2018. The disappointment was not only receiving few match vouchers from members, but also having to cancel six matches and although we were short of players, each club had vastly fewer players and not enough even for a reduced rink game. I truly believe that we must reduce the number of rinks to four and have fewer fixtures in the future and hopefully this will be discussed this morning. Camberley last year had just seven players and only six this time.

Because of my hip replacement operation I am unable to travel and it is the first AGM I have missed, so I pass on my best wishes and thanks to everyone here today for both attending and supporting the association and also send my gratitude to Des Hunter for taking over my role until I am back with you all
Nigel Penn Captain
Frank Oliver thanked Nigel for all his hard work.
Report prosed by Frank Oliver and seconded by Des Hunter.
B.        Treasurers Report
The statement of accounts for the year ending 31 December 2018 which are presently with the auditors’ show a generally healthy position notwithstanding that the Association paid out more in 2018 than it received.
Expenditure at £1141.20 was on a par with 2017 where the figure was £1165.35. However income was again down and there are good reasons for this. Firstly in a year when the Association is on tour the sweepstake collected in the first part of the year is put towards the cost of the tour. Having said this we are only talking about £374. The sweepstake is of course our main source of income. The amount we collect has varied over the years but in recent times it has fallen away. Why is this? Well it’s not rocket science. Difficulty by both ourselves and more often by our opposition to raise a full team has meant reduced numbers or a match being cancelled. In addition some of our ladies who would otherwise have been able to run the sweepstake were called upon to play. The knock-on effect is with a cancellation no sweepstake or with a reduction in the numbers a smaller amount collected. This is a sign of the times and it’s no good making comparisons with 10 years ago when records show we collected just over £1000. Last year we did collect £232 in addition to the monies passed to the tour and it would be very remiss of the committee not to say a big thank you all those involved in collecting the £1’s when it was possible.  Another reason for our income to have dropped away is that we did not recruit any new members in 2018. No membership fee, no ties sold and no blazer badges sold. This is a first in all the years I have been Treasurer. Looking back to the period from 2010 when annual membership ceased and Life membership was the only means of becoming a member we have ranged from 2 new members in a year to 5 or 6. Again this is a sign of the times where bowlers feel the need to support their clubs first and are reluctant to commit to bowl elsewhere.
So that is the expenditure and income for last year explained. What for the future. Well as I said at the beginning our financial position remains healthy. However with the need to maintain this the committee will continue to look at how we can reduce expenditure. We have already made a start by not posting out invitations to this AGM and instead sending out an email and alerting the members to the Association’s website.  We are sufficiently stocked with things like stickers, scorecards, match application vouchers etc. so no expenditure needed there. How do we increase income? Not so easy in the present climate. I suppose the best way is for members to play as often as they can and hopefully we’ll see an increase in the sweepstake. Maybe persuade someone you know who would qualify to become a member and sign him up!
Apologies for the length of this report and for not being with you to read it out to you and answer any questions you may have. My thanks to Jim for taking on this task. My thanks also to the committee for their support again this year, particularly our Captains during 2018. My best wishes to Nigel for a speedy recovery from his operation and hopefully he and the Association have a successful 2019.
Ken Richardson
Hon. Treasurer
January 2018
Statement of Accounts for the Year ended 31 December 2018

2017                                        EXPENDITURE                                                        2018
353                                          Postage & Stationery                                                333.95
185                                          Printing                                                                    230.65
170                                          Trophies and engraving                                              216.95
230                                          LIBA shirts
228                                          Sundry expenses                                                      285.15
2950                                        Bank account & Cash in hand                                    2442.48
2017                                        INCOME                                                                   2018  
3391                                        Balance brought forward                                             2950.68
100                                          Life membership
314                                          Sweepstakes                                                            232.00
184                                          LIBA shirts                                                    
112                                          Donations                                                                 42.00
15                                            Badges, ties etc.                                                       25.00
                                                Badges sold to the tour organiser                               117.00
                                                Captain’s Day September 2018                                  142.50
We have examined the receipts and payments and certify that they are in accordance with the books presented to us.
N PENN……………………………………………………………………….Auditor
A DOCKER…………………………………………………………………….Auditor
C.        Competition Secretary
There was no competition held in 2018
D.        Secretary
Jim said that the biggest problem he has now is members not sending updates of address, email, or mobile numbers.
Jim said he would also like to put on record his thanks to Sim Adamson for all his hard work regarding the website. He also wanted to thank Bill Baxter for all the information that he collates foe the website.
Jim also informed the meeting that he had been unable to put in motion the proposed 5 year eligibility regarding post. He felt there was no way of policing this. He had however selected the members that he had felt supported the Association to receive mail. Out all of those omitted not one contacted him to say they had not received mail.
He also inform the meeting that he had inform members about the AGM via email.
Frank thanked Jim for all his hard work.
Report proposed by Des Hunter seconded by Frank Oliver
E.        Dinner Committee
Jim informed the meeting that the dinner was supported by 58 guests. Unfortunately this makes future dinners un economical. It was felt that a buffet/ get together would be a better answer. The committee was going to look into securing a venue.
F          Fixture Secretary
Bruce MacBride reported:
I am unsure whether the lack of invitations for future fixtures is a reflection on LIBA, myself or the general malaise, i.e. cancellations in the game.
However for
A. Outdoor season 2019
To date 8 fixtures have been confirmed viz:
May     Maidenhead & West Wickham
June     Cove & Mid surrey
July      Wokingham & London Scottish (at Mid Surrey)
Aug     Tilehurst & Horsham
To which can be added Captains day and Finals day on 8th September and the Mini Internationals on 15th September
B. Indoor season 2109-20
4 Clubs/ Associations have been accepted Viz: King George Field, Sutton, London Scottish (at King George Field) and Desborough. If we receive an invitation from Camberley, it will be rejected on the basis that they have failed to fulfil their commitments over the last 2 years.
The date for the indoor Minis @ Riverain has yet to be received.
In concluding my report, I have received an invitation from Herga in January 2020 which I intend to accept.
Bruce was thanked for his had work on compiling the fixtures
G.        Tour 2018
Frank reported that the tour had been a great success.
Firstly, a big thank you to all that supported the tour,
34 people paid the deposit, unfortunately 3 pulled out from illness
The tour party of 31 was made up of 17 LIBA members, 8 partners, 6 guests.
We stayed at the Vila Gale Amplalius Hotel in Vilmoura
We played 3 matches Valverde, Alvor and Pedras, winning all 3.
We had a lovely night in the Dom Camillo Restaurant
All in all a very good tour enjoyed by all
Mike Power congratulated Frank and Mary on a fantastic tour, this was supported by all who toured
9.         Election of Officers
Position                       Name                          Proposer                     Seconder
Patron                          C E Guinness              Mike Power                 Frank Oliver President                        F Oliver                        Jim Collins                  Bruce MacBride
Vice Presidents
            B Baxter          } On Block                  Hugh Russell               Dave Polly
            D Hunter         }
            D Cummins     }
M Power         }
Secretary                     J Collins                      Frank Oliver                Piers Ashbourne
Fixture Secretary         B MacBride                Dick Cummins            Hugh Russell  
Captain                        N.Penn                        Sean Fallon                 Des Hunter     
Vice-Captain               Des Hunter                  Dave Polly                  Kevin Curran
Treasurer                     K Richardson              Jim Collins                  Alan McInerney  

Competition Sec          Mike Allen                        Des Hunter                  Sean Fallon    
                                    S Adamson     }          On Block
                                    A Docker        }        Hugh Russell               Dave Polly
                                    A Mellent        }
Auditors                      Andy Docker and
                                    N Penn                                    Jim Collins                  Alan McInerney
10.       Proposals
I have pleasure in submitting the following proposal for consideration by the member
That Des Hunter be elected as an Honorary Member of the London Irish BA in consideration of all the hard work he has carried out for the better of the Association.
Proposer Richard Clarke
Seconder Piers Ashbourne.
The proposal was carried unanimously by all present.
Jason Lyttle proposed that the constitution is amended to allow entry to the Association of ladies as well as men.
Any membership candidates regardless of sf sex would be subject to the same eligibility criteria. This proposal would not effect the Mini Internationals which are governed by a separated committee representing all other of the Associations
The proposal was seconded by Des Hunter.
After much discussion the proposal was passed with immediate effect.
Ken Richardson asked if the meeting could be moved to March to stop it clashing with others. This was agreed.
11.       Any Other Business
Jim Collins informed the meeting that Nick Gaffney had kindly offered to produce our fixture cards, the only cost being for the inks.
Nigel Penn had agreed to organise the Association tour of 2020
Members were reminded to arrive at matches in Association dress.
Frank thanked everyone for attending and the meeting closed at 11.30am
Signed....................................................                     Date..............................................