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Tour Results

The results of the matches played on the LIBA tour of Portugal are shown below.

Match 1 VALVERDE BC   Match 2 ALVOR BC
8th Oct 2018   9th Oct 2018
Rink Pos NAME F A   Rink Pos NAME F A
1 Lead Guest Sylvia Harrington       1 Lead Brian Young     
  two Guest Les Stokes         two Wally Cowley    
  Three Guest Rod Fraser         Three Wayne Kavanagh     
Skip Mike O’Grady     Skip Mike O’Grady
25 11 14 16
2 Lead Brian Young       2 Lead Guest Deirdre Rispoli    
  two Mike Power         two Guest Mary Oliver    
  Three Wayne Kavanagh          Three Adrian Mellett     
  Skip Eric Parsons          Skip Andy Docker     
      17 10         13 16
3 Lead George Noon       3 Lead Guest Kathleen Lyttle     
  two Guest Deirdre Rispoli         two Guest Dorothy Simmonds    
  Three Adrian Mellett          Three Nigel Penn    
  Skip Des Hunter          Skip John Lyttle     
      12 12         15 18
4 Lead Guest Kathleen Lyttle        4 Lead Guest Janet Stokes    
  two Guest Ann Marie Kett         two Mike Power/Guest Silvia Stonehouse    
  Three Mike Kett         Three Mike Kett    
  Skip Dave Seymour          Skip Frank Oliver     
      20 17         18 16
5 Lead Guest Janet Stokes       5 Lead Guest Carole Hill    
  two Guest Mary Oliver         two James Cummins     
  Three Sean Fallon         Three Sean Fallon    
  Skip John Lyttle         Skip Dave Seymour     
      17 13         20 10
6 Lead Guest Carole Hill       6 Lead Guest Sylvia Harrington    
  two Guest Dorothy Simmonds         two Guest Tony Wetton (Alvor)    
  Three Dermot Harrington         Three Dermot Harrington     
  Skip Frank Oliver         Skip Des Hunter     
      7 23         12 19
7 Lead James Cummins       7 Lead George Noon    
  two Wally Cowley         two Les Stokes    
  Three Nigel Penn         Three Rod Fraser    
  Skip Andy Docker         Skip Eric Parsons    
      10 21         20 12
    LIBA 108       LIBA 112
    VALVERDE 107       ALVOR 107


Match 3 PEDRAS BC    
11th Oct 2018    
Rink Pos NAME F A   Rink Pos NAME F A
1 Lead George Noon       1 Lead      
  two Wally Cowley/Guest Tom Wetton         two      
  Three Wayne Kavanagh         Three      
Skip Andy Docker     Skip
19 9
2 Lead James Cummins       2 Lead      
  two Mike Power/Guest Sylvia Stonehouse         two      
  Three Guest Mike Kett          Three      
  Skip Des Hunter          Skip      
      17 12            
3 Lead Brian Young       3 Lead      
  two Guest Deirdre Rispoli          two      
  Three Adrian Mellett          Three      
  Skip Dave Seymour          Skip      
      9 21            
4 Lead Guest Kathleen Lyttle        4 Lead      
  two Guest Mary Oliver          two      
  Three Sean Fallon          Three      
  Skip Mike O’Grady          Skip      
      6 19            
5 Lead Guest Janet Stokes       5 Lead      
  two Guest Ann Marie Kett         two      
  Three Nigel Penn (Captain)         Three      
  Skip Eric Parsons          Skip      
      27 8            
6 Lead Guest Carole Hill       6 Lead      
  two Guest Les Stokes         two      
  Three Dermot Harrington          Three      
  Skip John Lyttle          Skip      
      9 19            
7 Lead Guest Sylvia Harrington                 
  two Guest Dorothy Simmonds                 
  Three Guest Rod Fraser                 
  Skip Frank Oliver                 
      20 14            
    LIBA 107       LIBA