Congratulations to theLONDON IRISH, winners of the Outdoor Mini Internationals.

Notice Board

The Draw for the London Irish Singles 2019

N.B  The list of names is currently incomplete.

Competition secretary:  Mike Allen

Telephone    Home: 1276 3156107    Mobile:   07717 163618

Names   Results Semi Final Final Champion
J Lyttle  (21)     To be Played by    
  J Lyttle (9) 8/9/2019    
Jim Collins  (19)        
    Dave Seymour  (2)    
Dave Seymour  (21)        
  Dave Seymour (21)      
Des Hunter  (12)        
      Noel O'Shea  (21)  
Kevin McManee  (19)        
  Eric Parsons (3)      
Eric Parsons  (21        
    Noel O'Shea  (21}    
Noel O'Shea  (21)        
  Noel O'Shea (21)      
Sean Fallon  (20)        
        Noel O'Shea
  Neil Kelsey (20)      
Ken M'Carthy  (21)
  Ken M'Carthy (21)      
      Ken M'Carthy  (16)  
Adrian Mellet (20)
Mike Allen  (11)
Mike Allen (21)

LIBA Singles Championship

The closing date for entry forms, for the LIBA Singles Championship, to be received by Mike Allen is the 30th of June.  Please send the forms as early as possible before that date.


LIBA Rule change agreed at the AGM

At the AGM held on 20th Jan 2019. A proposal was put forward to allow females over the age of 14 years to become members. This was passed. Female applicants must meet the same criteria as the male bowlers. But they will not be eligible to play in the Indoor and Outdoor Mini Internationals An updated application form is on the website to be downloaded 


A plea for more support from Members

Just a reminder that the outdoor season has started, but members are still not getting their names down for games. This is a members Association and without its members it is nothing. Please get your vouchers off to Captain Nigel, Penn ASAP. If we do not for fill these fixtures we will loose them.

 Notice for the Attention of all Members

It has come to my attention that members are putting comments and moans on social media regarding some aspects of the fixtures that the Association play. If any player has a complaint regarding a game they should in the first instance contact the committee, who would if required contact the host club with the members complaint. It only takes one silly moment of madness or a remark put on social media, which can then take ages to repair. So I therefore ask all members to think twice before putting anything on social media. I must also remind the membership that any member who the committee thinks has brought the Association into disrepute will have his membership cancelled.

Jim Collins. Secretary