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1.    Draw for the LIBA Singles Championship


  ASAP By13th August if poss.. By 5th September
  1st Round 2nd Round 3rd Round
1 Ken Richardson    
2 Noel O'Shea Noel O'Shea  
3 Bye Eric Parsons  
4 Eric Parsons   Noel O'Shea
4 Ken McCarthy   Ken McCarthy
6 Des Hunter Ken McCarthy  
7 Sean Fallon Sean Fallon  
8 Wane Kavanah    
Dave Polly    
10 John Lyttle John Lyttle  
11 Hugh Russell Adrian Mellett  
12 Adrian Mellett   John Lyttle
13 Eddy Kavanagh   Colin Nolan
14 Bill Baxter Bill Baxter  
15 Colin Nolan Colin Nolan  
16 David McGrady    
17 John O'Flynn    
18 Sam Welsh John O'Flynn  
19 Roger Sheehy Pat Buttler  
20 Pat Butler   John O'Flynn
21 Nigel Penn   Dave Seymour
22 Alan McInerney Nigel Penn  
23 Frank Oliver Dave Seymore  
24 Dave Seymour    
25 Jim Collins    
26 Bye Jim Collins  
27 Bruce Mac Bride Mike Allen  
28 Mike Allen   Jim Collins
29 Joe Hannon   Joe Hannon
30 Paul Foley Joe Hannon  
31 Tim Jones Tim Jones  
32 Tim Orr    
  Sign in at 9.30am on Captain's Day 10th September 2017
  Semi Final Final Winner
  Noel O'Shea Noel O'Shea  
  Jim Collins (21-18)  
      John O'Flynn
  John O'Flynn John O'Flynn
  John Lyttle (21- 9)  
  Please Note
  All players have received a telephone listing from Colin.
  Winner call in result immediately to The Comp. Secy.
  The Comp. Secy. will advise you of your next opponent shortly after he knows.
  Winners could help by checking progress with their next possible opponents.
  Competion Secretary:  Colin Nolan on 0208 9433330 / 0795 636 8318