Colin H Smith - Go to the 'Obituaries' page.    Can I also remind you all to keep in touch with family and friends, and make sure they are keeping well.     See the 'Notice Board' page for INFORMATION on the INDOOR SEASON from the Secretary.

Notice Board

A message fom the Secretary


I hope you are all keeping well. The committee had a meeting yesterday and part of the discussion was the indoor season. After much thought it was agreed to not play any matches indoors up to 31st December 2020 with the proviso of reassessing the situation at the beginning of December. Any decision made will be on the advice of the Government and  English Indoor Bowling Association. Some indoor clubs have already cancelled matches with clubs and associations from outside their own clubs. Hopefully the situation will have changed by the end of the year. Please check on our website for any news or updates. Stay safe, 

Yours Sincerely


An update on the Covid-19 Situation

April 2020

Dear Members,

At the start of the Covid 19 outbreak we, as a committee, decided to cancel the Association matches for May and June. Since we made that decision all national and county games have been cancelled and the government have imposed a lockdown. The present one comes to an end in a couple of weeks, and who is to say it will not be extended. So, we as a committee have taken the decision to cancel the Association matches for the rest of the outdoor season. It is felt that when the lockdown finishes, hopefully in the summer, all our clubs will need all the support they can get from their members   After all, at the end of the day without the clubs to play against there is no association.   It is also hoped that when the world gets back to a form of normality a get together of members can be arranged.   Please all stay indoors and stay safe and remember to keep giving your family and friends that quick phone call to make sure they are doing okay.  

 Best regards,  

Jim Collins   


A Further Statement as a Result of Coronavirus

Following a directive from Bowls England all county and national competitions for the 2020 season have been cancelled due to the ongoing Coronavirus   outbreak.
All Association games for the months of May and June are also cancelled as is the London Irish singles. We will look at the situation nearer the end of June and reassess the situation then.


A Statement from the Secretary

After yesterday's Cobra meeting and the information given at the press conference, there appears to be no option but to cancel the Mini Internationals.  It was stated at the conference that the virus could be reaching its peak in 4 weeks time, which would be around the date of the Minis.  All of the sides have a very high average age of player and will be coming from all parts of the country, and some on medication.  Furthermore Hertfordshire has the largest number of confirmed cases of Coronavirus outside London (within the UK). In these circumstances it unfair to put players in danger for the sake of a bowls match.

A Statement from the Captain

As your Captain, the cancellations of the last friendly at Cheshunt and the Mini Internationals brings my Captaincy to a sad but understandable end. I thank everyone who has supported me during my tenure. I wish you all the best of bowling with the LIBA for the future. It is unfortunate that I shall not be able to thank you personally.

A letter from the Secretary

Dear Members,                                                                                                                 February 2020

Welcome to the 2020 outdoor season.

I first must inform you that this will be the last mail shot to members owing to the cost of postage. Information regarding the Association will be sent via email or can be found on our website. If you do not have the internet you will have to contact me, and I will send you a hard copy. So please keep me updated with any change to your email or mobile number.

Our Captain for the outdoor season is Andy Docker, so please get your voucher of to him 28B Nightingale Road NW10 4RG and NOT ME. Nigel Penn finishes his time as Captain at the Indoor mini’s. He has done a fantastic job under very difficult circumstances and for that the Association is grateful.

Mike Allen is again running the LI singles. Please get your entry form off to him.

I once again have to say that if all the members only played two games a year, we would not have enough fixtures, so please support the Association.

Yours sincerely

Jim Collins


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LIBA Rule change agreed at the AGM

At the AGM held on 20th Jan 2019. A proposal was put forward to allow females over the age of 14 years to become members. This was passed. Female applicants must meet the same criteria as the male bowlers. But they will not be eligible to play in the Indoor and Outdoor Mini Internationals An updated application form is on the website to be downloaded 

A plea for more support from Members

Just a reminder that the outdoor season has started, but members are still not getting their names down for games. This is a members Association and without its members it is nothing. Please get your vouchers off to Captain Nigel, Penn ASAP. If we do not for fill these fixtures we will loose them.

 Notice for the Attention of all Members

It has come to my attention that members are putting comments and moans on social media regarding some aspects of the fixtures that the Association play. If any player has a complaint regarding a game they should in the first instance contact the committee, who would if required contact the host club with the members complaint. It only takes one silly moment of madness or a remark put on social media, which can then take ages to repair. So I therefore ask all members to think twice before putting anything on social media. I must also remind the membership that any member who the committee thinks has brought the Association into disrepute will have his membership cancelled.

Jim Collins. Secretary