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 Gerald Proctor (Oct 2020)
It is with great sadness that I have to tell you that I was informed today that one of our members Gerald Proctor has passed away. (Fuller obituary to follow)
Eugene Hamblet (Sep 2020)

It's with great sadness that we received the news on the 29-Sep-2020 that another of our past members Eugene Hamblet had passed away the previous week. Eugene joined the Association on  29-Nov-2001 becoming a Life Member in 2005. Eugene played many games averaging 5 or 6 games in both outdoor and indoor seasons. He received his Outdoor Mini International badge in 2004. He played his last Outdoor game v London Scottish Aug 2012 and his final game was Indoors v Hounslow 24-Feb-2013. A quiet man on and off the green.

John Farrell (Feb 2020)

Many of our older and long serving members will remember John Farrell, who used to play at Parsons Green outdoors and Mansfield indoors. John was also a publican running pubs in Putney and Olympia, and a member of the early tours of Northern Ireland. Some of the stories relating to him  are legendary. Unfortunately I have just found out that John passed away in February, he had been in a home. John had not played bowls for many years, but was always asking about the members and the Association. He will be sadly missed, and so will his "craic"

Jimmy (James) Cummins (June 2020)

It is with great sadness that I have to inform you that James “Jimmy” Cummins passed away on Thursday 12-Jun-2020. Jim had suffered a couple of strokes, and also broke a hip after a fall.
When it got to a point that he needed help the family decided that the best place for him was a home. Due to the pandemic the family were not able to see him during his illness - a heart-breaking situation for all. Jim passed away from the effects of Sepsis owing to a wound on his leg.
James Cummins, born in Co. Dublin, joined the London Irish on 11-Dec-2013. He was a member of Cheshunt IBC which has a long standing fixture with our Association. He played on average four indoor friendly games every season and several outdoor when close to home during his time with us.
Our thoughts and prayers go to his daughter Rosa and his family.

Vince Duffy (Feb 2020)

It is with great sadness that I have to inform you that Vince Duffy passed away last Saturday after a short illness. Vince was 94. Vince unfortunately lost his daughter who passed away in January, and Vince never really got over it.Vince Joined the London Irish BA pre May 1985 and became a life member in1987. He played regularly for us in friendlies until he and his late wife Pat moved to Wicklow where they came to the London Irish Dublin tour in 1999. They also were part of the tour to Troon in Ayrshire in 2003 when they had moved to Yorkshire.  Vince and Pat enjoyed being part of the London Irish tours and had great memories. Vince was an ardent painter loved painting landscapes.
Our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this sad time.

Richard M. Clarke (Jan 2020)

It is with great sadness that I have to inform you that Richard Clarke has passed away. Richard for many years had been a very prominent member of the Association.  Richard joined the London Irish on 16-Jan-81 and became a life member the following year in May. He was Match Secretary (‘86—'93), Vice-Captain (‘87—’88), Captain (’88—91), President (’92—’96) and awarded an Honorary Membership for his long service as officers of the Association in 2002.

Richard was also a continuing supporter of the Association as a player of indoor and outdoor season friendly matches and Mini International Competitions. In the L.I. Singles he was runner-up (‘84) and winner (’86): in the Mini International outdoor and indoor he played 9 games in each, winning 4 Jim Barr trophies 1 Limavady trophy respectively. As Captain, his London Irish teams won 3 outdoor and 1 indoor Mini Internationals. He definitely deserved his Honorary Member’s accolade.

 He was also past President of Middlesex County and was the county rep with Bowls England. Richard had been unwell for the last couple of years but fought it with a brave attitude. He was very proud of his RAF service and was even prouder when he took part in the march past at last years Remembrance  Sunday.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife Judy and sons Alan and Roger.

James MacNeely ( 9th Jan 2020 )

It's with great sadness I have to inform you that James Mac Neely passed away on 9th Jan 2020 after a long illness. Jim joined the Association on 24-Aug-96 as a Life Member. In 2008 he received his Mini Indoor International Badge. After a dormant period Jim became active again playing outdoors in 2005 at Parsons Green. Jim’s last game was played indoors in 2018 versus London Scots at King George Field. During this time he had played in 27 outdoor and 20 indoor fixtures for the London Irish. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Robert "Bob" Stack (Oct 2019)

Bob joined the London Irish B.A. on 3-Jul-1997 as a life member following his father two years earlier. He supported the LIBA  fixtures, AGMs and Dinners and became a very constant player from 2001 onwards, for example, being selected for indoor and outdoor Mini International games on 18 occasions to 2017. He was a member of the Top Scoring rinks in 2005 (OD) and 2008 (ID). Bob last played for the Association at Herga on 13-Dec-2018.  Like his father, who died in 2010, he was easy going and friendly as a playing partner.

He will be sadly missed by his family, the Association and the members at Hendon Bowls club.

Brian Young (July 2019)

It is with great sadness that I have to inform you that Brian Young passed away on Sunday morning. Brian had been in a hospice for the last few weeks. He was a fairly recent member to the LIBA joining us on 22-May 2016. He played frequently in the indoor fixtures and at least one game each outdoor season. He was a pleasant quiet member in the rink he played. Brian’s last game was indoors at Desborough on 3-Feb-2019.

 Our thoughts and prayers are with Brian's family.


Past President Bill Copeland (June 2019)

It is with great sadness that we must inform you that Bill Copeland passed away today after recently suffering a stroke. Bill had been an active member for many years including being the LIBA Association President (2013 to 2017).
Since Bill joined on 9-Feb-1996 he, accompanied by his wife Helen, have been great supporters of the Association. Bill playing regularly in the outdoor and indoor friendly fixtures and when President they seldom missed a fixture or a Mini International. Bill played in 24 of the Guinness Mini Internationals and was a player in two rinks that won the Barr top rink trophy. He last played for the Irish versus the London Scottish BA on 29th July 2018 .
They have been on numerous London Irish Tours and with their family were also a big part of the Association dinner and dance. Bill will be sadly missed.
Our thoughts and condolences go to Helen and her family.


Mike Sooby (October 2018)

Mike Sooby joined the Association on 10-Dec-98 as an Associate Member and then became a Life Member on 1-Mar-2002. He played often for the London Irish until illness curtailed his active bowling but he still managed to qualify for Outdoor Mini in 2010 and 2011, and an Indoor Mini in 2014. He played in 13 Mini Internationals in all and was a member of the Limavady Trophy Top Rink at the 2001 Indoor Mini. Mike played for the London Irish at Cheshunt IBC against Herts CBA, his own County, on 22-Feb-2015 where those playing became aware that his stumble at the side of the Green was a bit more than that although he made little of it. That sadly was his last game for the Irish.

Mike passed away after a brave battle against illness. Even through his darkest times he still had a sense of humour. May he rest in peace. 


Joe Hanlon (September 2018)

Joe joined the Association on 8-Jul-1994 as an Associated Member and then became a Life Member just three months later. Joe and Jim Galgey, who died in September last year, were best bowling companions playing almost all of their many games as a pair. Joe played his last game for the London Irish at Putney Town BC on 17-May-2009 but would turn up to support when we were close to home for a few more years including a couple of Outdoor Mini Internationals in which earlier he had played on three occasions.

Paddy Keelty (December 2017)

It's with great sadness I have to inform you that Paddy Keelty passed away in hospital on 17-Dec-17 after being admitted for a chest infection. Paddy joined the London Irish on 6-May-90 and became a Life member the following year. At the end of his active career he was voted an Honorary Life Member of the Association.

 As well as being a strong supporter as a player Paddy also was active in the running of the Association. He held all of the following posts: Committee Member '96 and ‘02, Vice-Captain May ’99 to Apr ’00 then Captain  May ’00 to ’02, Vice President and Fixture Secretary ’03 to ’11 when he had to withdraw due to failing health. One of his greatest pleasures was when he received the 2001 Outdoor Guinness Trophy as Captain of the winning London Irish Team.

Paddy played his last game for us against Whiteknights IBC on 3-Jan-10. With his happy go lucky attitude to life, he was remembered wherever he went. Oh to hear "hang the buggers" again.

Our thoughts are with Eileen and her family at this sad time.

Ken O'Dell (November 2017)

It is with great regret that I have to inform you that Ken O'Dell passed away on Sunday 19-Nov-2017 . Ken had not had the best of health over the last few years, but prior to his illness, both Ken and his wife Beryl, had been great supporters of the Association.

Ken joined the London Irish  on the 12th-Aug-04 as an annual Member and became a Life Member in April the following year. Another of our quite gentlemen he always turned up for games when selected and when ask to help out the Captains he would readily respond. Ken played his last two games outdoors versus Maidenhead and Wokingham, games he seldom missed. The latter being on the 14-Jun-2015 was sadly his last game. He will be sadly missed.

Jim Galgey (September 2017)

It is with great sadness that we have to inform you that Jimmy Galgey passed away on Sunday night 3rd September 2017. Jim had not been well for the last few months, having to have stents and a pacemaker fitted.
Jim joined the LIBA on 25th July 1993 as an Annual Member becoming a Life Member in 2000. He played many games indoors and outdoors, usually in tandem with Joe Hanlon, until May 2009 including a couple of Tour appearances and six Outdoor Miniature Internationals in which he was a member of the London Irish Top Rink on two occasions. His last game was at Whiteknights on 6th January 2013. Jim was a quiet unassuming man with a ready smile when he met you.
Our thoughts are with Linda, Dean and Darren.
Funeral arrangements will be posted on the website when known.
May he rest in peace.


Dick O'Connell (July 2017)

 Dick had been in a home for the last four years. All his family were with him when he passed away. It was a quiet and peaceful departure.

 Dick had a heart attack whilst on the Northern Ireland Tour 1993 and was rushed to hospital; thankfully he recovered and returned to L.I. bowls in October that year. In 2011, due to illness, he reluctantly had to stop bowling. His last game for us was at an indoor game versus Herts & District BA on 27-Nov-2011. Dick has been a Member for a long time, he joined the London Irish on 7-Apr-1972 as an Annual Member and then became a Life Member on 26-Feb-1980. He served on the Committee from Jan ’90 to Jan ’97. During his L.I. career he played regularly indoors and outdoors. He received his Mini Badge outdoor in 1973 and indoor 1992..

Our thoughts are with Margaret and her family.

Paul Nathan ( April 2017)

Paul, a  Dubliner, was proposed by Ken Richardson and became a member on 4-Jul-2013. He died in late April. Paul only managed 3 games for the Irish outdoors in 2014, 2015 and 1206 playing against his home club Wokingham but then he was 83 at his last game. Good on you Paul. R.I.P.
The London Irish send their deepest sympathy to his family and friends.

Michael Howley (April 2017)

Michael, who had been very ill in hospital suffering from Sepsis, passed away on the 22nd April. He will be missed by his fellow members of the London Irish Bowling Association.

Mike’s LIBA membership application was passed on the 4th Dec 1994. Since then he had been a regular player every Outdoor and Indoor seasons playing for the London Irish 2 to 5 games in both seasons. In April ’96 and September ‘96 he received his Miniature International badges for the  Indoor and Outdoor games. In the April 2006 Indoor Mini he was part of the Limivady Trophy top winning rink. Mike played his last game for us in the game versus Camberly on 18th Dec 2016.

Our thoughts go out to his family and friends to whom we send our condolences.

Mike Doherty (November 2016)

It is with great sadness that I report that Mike Doherty's wife has told me that he passed away on 26 November last.   As many will be aware Mike had been seriously ill on and off for several years.   Before his illness and in between Mike turned out as a regular and successful skip for the Irish.  A quietly spoken gentle man; he joined the Association on 1-Mar-2004 and was a loyal member until his recent terminal illness.  Mike played in 5 Outdoor Mini Internationals up to 2009 being in top rink ‘06 and ’07; he also received his Indoor Mini badge April ‘06.  Mike played his last game for the L.IBA at Riverain IBC on 10-Feb-2013.

Sam Wiley (September 2016)

It is with great sadness that I report that Sam Wiley, one of our old life members has passed away.   Sam, a Belfast man, joined the Association in 1993.   Older members will remember him as a keen supporter of the London Irish playing regularly and gained his outdoor mini badge.   He served on the Committee for four years from 2003 to 2007.   He was in his eighties with failing health and last bowled in Jan 2006.   Our condolences go to Family and Friends in their loss.

James Corbett (January 2016)

It is with great regret that we have to report that James Corbett has passed away.   His brother informed us that he had been diagnosed with a brain tumour; his suffering was mercifully brief. James spent his younger life in India where his Grandfather, who came from Limerick, was one of those who started a program to save the tigers. James bowled at Glebelands IBC, and Friary Park BC where he was a Past President. He applied to the London Irish and was confirmed as a member in August 1999. James played in both Outdoor and Indoor several times each season until his last game versus Middlesex CBA at Finchley BC in July 2009. His funeral was at New Southgate Crematorium, Brunswick Park Road, on Monday 25 January followed by a buffet at the Cavalier pub in Russel Lane. Our condolences go out to his brothers and the family at their loss.  

John Joe Hyland (2015)

I am saddened to report that Mrs Rosemary Hyland, widow of John Joe has written to tell me that he passed away unexpectedly earlier this year.   John Joe was a life member who joined in 2011.   A Tipperary man who played several games for the Irish in 2012, we have not seen him for some time since.   We will be unable to support him at his funeral as it is long over but our thoughts will be with his widow and family.

Anne Hunter (wife of Des) Marh 2015

I am very saddened to have to report that our captain, Des Hunter, has suffered two devastating losses in the last week.   Des flew home after last Sunday's game against Desborough to see his 94 hear old mother who was ill.   Unfortunately she passed away on Tuesday.   When Des returned to London on Friday he was faced with the unexpected death of his wife Anne.   Anne has been unwell for several years but she has borne her illness with great bravery.   Whenever she was fit enough she attended the LIBA games and would never admit to being more than not too bad.   Our thoughts must be with Des and all on both sides of the family.   He should be confident that whatever support we can offer is available to him.

Bob O'Hara (February 2015)

We have been informed of the sad passing or Bob O’Hara. Bob joined the Association in 1997  as a Life Member when he was then bowling out of Burnham Bowling Club and played consistently in many games Indoor and Outdoor for the Association. He received his OD Mini Badge in 2007 and joined us on some of our tours.

When he moved to Norwich on 6-April 2010 he continued to travel down to play occasionally playing his last game for us at Herts BC 10-Apr-2011. He will be remembered by many members. Our thoughts must be with his family and friends to whom we send our condolences.

Jimmy Cross ( January 2015)

I heard recently about the death of another old member Jimmy Cross a well-respected and talented bowler for Blackheath and Kent.  Jimmy joined the London Irish Bowling Association on 10-Apr-70 as an Annual Member and after a short absence rejoined as a Life Member (Apr-1978). He played in the Indoor Miniature Internationals the following year and also later in ‘86 and ’87 also playing in many friendly fixtures up until the late ‘90s. Jimmy will be kindly remembered by our longer serving members.

It is always sad to lose one of our older members and our deepest sympathies go to his surviving family and friends.

 Barry O'Brien (December 2014)

It is with deep regret that I have to tell you that one of our older members Barry O'Brien passed away in late December.   Barry, who had retired to Monaghan some years ago, died after an operation in  Birmingham where he had been sent from Dublin.   While we have not seen him for some years he had been a keen bowler for the Association before his retirement and was looking forward to meeting up when we tour in Northern Ireland next year.   Latterly he had been playing short mat at Scotshouse Bowls Club where he was a founder member.   Our condolences and sympathies go to his wife Irene and his family and friends.

William Francis Carolan (November 2014)

We are sadden to hear of the death of Bill Carolan in November.  Bill, born in Co. Meath, joined the London Irish B.A. on 6th October 1973 and was one of only a few listed in the 25th Anniversary booklet (1981) who, even though he was no longer able to play, still kept an active interest in our Association. Bill travelled, in the early days, a long distance from his home in March, Cambridgeshire to our games. He received his Outdoor Miniature International badge in 1985. Several years later, when he no longer played, it was great for some older members to see him again at March Conservative B.C. when we traveled by bus for a  game on 9-Jul-2000. The London Irish send their deepest sympathy to his family and friends  

Jerry O'Leary (January 2015)

Those members playing at White Knights last Sunday were saddened to learn that Jerry O'Leary had passed away.   Jerry joined the London Irish on 22-Oct-1993 as an Annual Member and became a Life Member on 22-Mar-1995. He  received his Outdoor Miniature International badge in May ’94 and played many times in our friendly fixtures in those early years. Sadly after 2005 Jerry only played intermittently up to his last game for the Irish versus Maidenhead BC on 3-May-2009. Unfortunately his funeral is already over so, on behalf of the London Irish Members, all we can do is offer our sympathies and condolences to his wife Rita and the family.

Pat Appleford (10th November 2014)

I am very sorry to have to tell you that Pat Appleford passed away last Monday.   A long standing member, Pat joined the Association as a Life Member on 10-Oct-1988.  He frequently played in our friendly games in the 90s and received his Outdoor Mini International Badge in Sept-1995, his last game for the Association was at Hendon on the 12 Aug 2007. A quiet gentleman, he will be remembered by many who played with him and particularly those who were on tour with him.   We have not seen him for some time as he was seriously ill and he passed away from pneumonia in hospital on Monday 10 November. Our sincere condolences are with his wife and she and his family are in our thoughts. 

Simone Austin Docker (November 2014)

I have just learned that Andy Docker's wife Simone passed away earlier this month. Simone will be remembered by longer standing members and particularly by our "groupies".   She used to support the Irish some years ago and bring her young baby along to the great delight of all the other ladies who couldn't resist having a cuddle.   Suffering from cancer Simone fought bravely to the end. I am afraid the funeral has passed but members wishing to mark Simone's passing can make a contribution to the Simone Austin-Docker Foundation which has been set up to raise funds for Cancer Research.   Details can be obtained from Andy.

Joe Kilgallon (October 2014)

We are saddened to learn that Joe Kilgallon had passed away on Thursday 9 October.  Joe was confirmed as a member of the London Irish at the AGM in January 2011 and received his Association Badge that summer.  In the three outdoor seasons he played twenty one times until his last game against his own club, Hendon, on 1-Sep-2013. Joe was a big gentle man and those who toured Scotland will remember him as a quiet member of the close knit Mayo group. Appropriately he will be returning to his homeland for burial in County Mayo. Joe was a brother-in-law of Frank Oliver and John Lyttle  and our condolences and sympathies go out to them, their three sister wives and all the family and friends.

Mick O'Keefe (September 2014)

We are sad to announce the passing of Mick O’Keefe on Thursday 11th inst. Mick was confirmed as a member at the Committee Meeting on 16th October 1985 having been accepted during the outdoor season; he last played before the Outdoor Season of 2002. Mick played many games for the London Irish including both Indoor and Outdoor Miniature Internationals being a Limavady Trophy winner in 1992 and Jim Barr Trophy winner in 1988, both as Skip. Mick was also a Vice Captain in 1992 and a Committee Member from 1992 to 1995.   Mick was an excellent bowler and as a skip very encouraging to his rink. He became a Dormant member in 2006 and since the loss of his wife Sue and his own serious illness he was unable to continue bowling.   His passing will sadden the older members who knew him well. The London Irish send their deepest sympathy to his family and friends.

Ken Armstrong (June 2014)

I am saddened to report the passing of Ken Armstrong after a short illness.   Ken was not a member of the Association but was a good friend who played for the Irish on many occasions when they were short.   He was 96 and it is a few years since we saw him on the green but older members will remember that he used to come up from Worthing with Terry Fitzgerald and Eugene Hammet.   Ken has outlived most of his family but our thoughts will be with relatives and friends who mourn him.

Frank Shaw (March 2014)

We are very saddened to learn from the Hon Secretary of Frank’s death on Thursday night 20th inst.  Frank who hailed from Co Clare, joined the London Irish on 22-Apr-1982 and played until our game at Cheshunt on 2-Dec-2012 when a serious illness stopped his playing career. He faced his illness with quiet dignity and great courage. Despite all he was going through he never complained and always showed a smiling good humoured face to the world. When he attended his last Committee meeting just before Christmas he was in positive spirits even then.

 Frank was not only a valued member but also a wonderful servant of the Association. He attended many Committee meetings and did great work as: Auditor (2006 – 2012); Publicity Officer (2007 – 2008); Tour Organizer (Troon, Ayr 2008 and Clydebank (2011);  Dinner Organizer and of course as Vice President (2008 – 2014).

 He will be a great loss to all his friends in the Association and our sympathies and condolences go to his family who must be devastated by their loss.

 Ar Deis De Beig an Anamh!

Brendan Nevin (2014)

I am sorry to have to tell you that one of our older members Brendan Nevin passed away a couple of months ago. Brendan, who was a member of Putney Town and afterwards North Sheen was a LIBA member during the nineties and played many times for the Irish when Jim Collins was captain. Our thoughts go to his wife May, also a bowler, and all the family.

Pat Hunter (February 2014)

It is with deep regret that I have to tell you that Pat Hunter, our Captain Des' father, has passed away.   Many of you particularly if you toured Nortthern Ireland will have known Pat.   A true Irish gentleman he was ninety one years of age when he finally lost the battle against illness.   Our sympathies and condolences go to Des, Ann and all the Hunter family.

Phil Earnshaw (October 2012)

We have just recently heard of the passing of one of our older Members, Phil Earnshaw.

 Few of the current LIBA playing members would have known Phil who joined the LIBA as a Life Member 30 years before his death in October of last year.  Phil joined the London Irish after having played in a Guinness Outdoor Miniature International side for the London & Dist. BA (in a rink from the Letchworth & Dist. BA) which unfortunately curtailed him playing in the Mini for the L.I.  

 From joining on 20 October 1982 Phil had numerous games until he left for Norfolk in 2001 and only occasionally venturing out of Norfolk to play for us. His last games were pre April 2005.  

Although time has passed the LIBA wish to remember the passing of an old friend and send our sympathy to his Family.

Tim Malone (March 2013)

It is with great sadness that I have to tell you that one of our oldest members Tim Malone died recently after a short illness. Tim, who was Barrie Malone's father was 94; he had joined the association in January 1979 and played through the eighties.We have not seen him on the green for some years but he came to support the Irish at the Outdoor Minis last year. I met him briefly then and found him to be a natural Irish Gentleman. Our thougts must be with Barrie and all the family at this sad time.

Ar deis De beig an anamh


John J Keane (February 2013)

We are sad to announce the passing last week of John Keane. John joined the LIBA on 8th July 1984 and last played before the Outdoor Season of 2005. He was also a member of Paddington Bowls Club. After a dormant spell between July ’88 and Jan’94, John returned to play many games for the London Irish including both Indoor and Outdoor Miniature Internationals being a Limavady Trophy winner in 1999 and Jim Barr Trophy winner in 1995 and as Skip in 2002. Also in 1995 he was the losing finalist in the LI Championship. Near the end of his playing career with the London Irish he played with the London Irish squad in the Watford IBC Super League competition for several years. John was a quiet unassuming gentle person whose passing will sadden those who knew him and will remember him with fondness. The London Irish send their deepest sympathy to his family and friends.


 Mike Weatherall (Notified Jan2013)

The London Irish B.A. have just had the sad news that one of our members Mike Weatherall died in October last Year. Mike Joined as a life member in late 1990’s; he may have lived or moved to Cambridge before July 2000 and although he had kept an interest in the affairs of the Association until 2012 he had not played since before the Indoor season 2002.

Our sympathies go to all family and friends of Mike.

Norman Webb (December 2012)

It is with great sadness at this festive season that I have to tell you that one of our older members, Norman Webb, passed away on 11 December. Norman, who was well into his eighties, joined the Association in January 1997 and was unable to play after 2002 following a serious illness which affected his legs. Our sympathies will be with his wife Vera and his two sons at this very difficult time.

Walter Richardson (October 2012)

It is with deep regret that I have to tell you all that Walter Richardson passed away on Wednesday the 10th aged 87.  Walter became a Member on 28th August 1997 and played his first match at Maldon in Essex in 1997 when the late Bill Ryan was Captain. A proud Belfast man Walter, who was the father of Ken Richardson our Treasurer, came to England in 1944 to join the RAF. Some of our older members may remember him playing in matches mainly to the North of London. He gave up bowling as his health declined about ten years ago.

Our sympathies and condolences go to Ken and all the family

John McEvoy (June 2012)

John McEvoy whose funeral was on 20-Jun-2012 died last week after several months of illness. John joined the Association on 8-Jul-1984 with a group of new applications which included Past President and Hon Life Member Jim Collins and Vice President Bill Baxter. John became a Life Member the next year and played for many years until the death of his wife. During this time he received his Outdoor (1994) and Indoor (1996) Miniature International Badges. It was good to see John at the LIBA Dinner in March 2010 but sadly he did not play again. John will be remembered by many long term members of the Association and our deepest sympathies go out to Sue his daughter, family and friends

Bridget Curren, Wife of Kevin (February 2012)

It is with great sadness that I have to tell you that Kevin Curren's much loved wife Bridget has passed away. The funeral will be at The Church of the Most Holy, Old Mill Road, DENHAM, Bucks on Wednesday 15 February at 14.00.

Air Deis De Beig a Anamh!

John Nihill (27th September 2011)

Regret to announce that John Nihill, who joined as Life Member on 5th December 2003, passed away unexpectedly on Tuesday morning. John last played for the London Irish at Chertsey BC, in the outdoor season of 2010, against the London Scottish BA. Our sympathies to all those who knew him, particularly his fellow members at Mansfield and his family..

. .
Kath Conway (January 2011)

We just heard the sad news that Kath Conway, the wife of member Jim Conway, passed away on the 2nd Jan after a long battle against illness. Kath was a great supporter of her husband and the Association and will be sadly missed by the other wives that attend matches.

Our prayers and thoughts are with Jim and his family a t this sad time.

Leslie “Les” Bell (3-Dec-2010)

Les started bowls when he retired in 1975 to Fordingbridge on the edge of the New Forest. When he and his wife Eirene moved to West Sussex he played for Ewhurst BC and Horsham District IBC. They latterly lived in Forest Green near Dorking during which time (2007) they celebrated their Diamond Wedding anniversary.
Les joined the London Irish B.A. on 20-Jan-1987 and was a continuous Annual Member until it ceased in 2008 when active AM’s became Life Members. Les played many times in his earlier years with the London Irish but less so more recently; he played his last game for us in the Indoor Season at Wey Valley IBC on 25-Oct-2009.
Les’s death was a great loss to his wife Eirene, their children, grand children and great-grandchildren to whom his friends in the London Irish send their sincere condolences.

Ivor Orchin (December 2010)

We have heard recently of the passing of Ivor Orchin earlier in December. Ivor, a long time member of the London Irish, joined on 12-Oct-1982. At the start of the Outdoor Season he became a life member on the 8-May-1983 in which year he played for Captain Larry Cummins’ winning Miniature Internationals Team. Ivor moved to Co Antrim in the end of the 1990’s and returned in 2006. Although Ivor did not play for the Irish on his return he was always interested in how we were doing.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

Elsie Stevens (December 2010)

We recently received the sad news that Elsie Stevenson the widow of past President Bob Stevenson passed away on Christmas Eve.

Our thoughts and prayers go to her family.

Robert “Bob” McComb (December 2010)

It is with great sadness that we have learned of the passing of Bob McComb who has died after a long battle against cancer. Bob was a Life Member of the London Irish having joined on 11th February 1994; he played mostly for us during the Indoor Seasons due to his commitments to Hertfordshire from 2005 in the run-up to his year as President in 2008. He was justifiably proud of Ware B.C. as they were a “Club of the Year” winner and as President he welcomed the LIBA to his home club for a game versus the County.

 During his years with the Irish he played in the Miniature Indoor Internationals on four occasions and was a member of the Limavady Trophy winning rink playing third to Tom McCrum in 2003. Bob’s last game for the Irish was in February this year at Riverain.

The London Irish send their deepest sympathy to the family of Bob at this sad time.

JWC "John" Jeffers (1st July 2010)

 The London Irish were saddened to hear of John's demise when we played against Sussex CBA at Pope's Mead BC on Thursday1st July 2010 which was also the day of his funeral.

John, who had been ill for some time, was a long time member having joined the Irish on 14th Jan 1972.  He became a Life Member on 28th May 1980.  In the early years he played frequently for the Irish in friendly games, mostly outdoors South of the Thames.  He played his first outdoor Miniature International in 1975, went on tour in 1976 and was a member of the Barr Trophy (top rink) in 1976, 1983 and 1986.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Ronnie Wheelan (28th June 2010)

Ronnie Wheelan who passed away last week, had been in and out of hospital over the last few months.  Ronnie, a member of Cambridge Park BC and IBC, who was a good supporter joined the Association on 11 March 2004 as a Life Member and went on the next year's tour to Northern Ireland.  Ronnie played for the London Irish mostly at Indoor fixtures and indeed played his last game with us at Richmond IBC in November 2008, however it was great that he and Brenda were able to attend the Annual Dinner in 2009.

Ronnie's passing last week was sad news for his friends in the London Irish and Cambridge Park but mostly for Brenda and the family to whom we offer our deepest sympathy.

Bob Stafford (Sat 19 June 2010)

He joined the London Irish BA on 2-May-1980 and played for many years until his illness, playing his last game at Herga IBC in January this year. Bob was a Committee Member 18-Feb-82 to 15-Feb-85. He played his first Outdoor Mini in 1980 and was member of the James Barr Trophy (top rink) in 1998. His first Indoor Mini was in 1990. In 1981 Bob was the Runner-up to Les Nicholls in the LIBA Singles Championship. The London Irish will miss a long serving member.
Bob’s wife Mim is well known to the London Irish members and ladies as she had attended many games and functions. We all offer our condolences to Mim, Karen their daughter and the three grandchildren on their loss.

Charlie McCarthy (Sun 24 January 2010)

Charlie, who played for Century BC, was introduced to the Association by one of our past Presidents Mick Norris in June 1977 and took up Life Membership in Sept 1977. He played in both indoor and outdoor Miniature Internationals beginning in 1978 and was member of the top rink outdoor that year. He supported the Association many times on the green as useful Skip or Three. In later years as a dormant member, when he was unable to play, he still took an interest in our activities. Rest in Peace Charlie.

Bob Stack (Snr) (2nd January 2010)

I received the sad news that Bob Stack Snr had passed away on Saturday. Bob, a member of Hendon BC and Herga IBC, joined London Irish with his son on 3-Jul-1997 and became a Life Member the following year. He was an active member of The Association, attending AGMs and the dinners. He was also a regular player in our friendly fixtures, turning out for the Captains about six times a season at Outdoor and Indoor games. He was also an active member of his home County Middlesex
Bob will be sadly missed by all the London Irish who have known and played with him over the years

Our condolences go to his family, especially to his son Bob Jnr.

Bernard Wessier (December 2009)

I have just been informed that Bernard Wessier passed away on the 21st of December.  Bernard had not been well over the past few years , but used to be a very active member of the Association.  He also represented Great Britain in the Para Olympics.

Wally Kingaby (December 2009)

I have just been informed that Wally Kingaby  has passed away.  Older members will remember Wally from previous tours and of course his great singing voice

Pat Murphy (October 2009)

The Secretary has received the sad news that Pat Murphy (Storrington, West Sussex) passed away recently.  Members may remember him being at games with his wife and their little dog.  Some may also remember him as a good tipster with the horses.

He will be sadly missed

Bob Wharton (June 2009)

I have the sad duty to inform you that Bob Wharton has died suddenly. This comes a few months after the death of his younger brother Wally.
Bob joined the Association only about 18 months ago. He had been suffering from depression prior to joining, but joining the Association had helped him back to good health and also gave a great deal of pleasure to Wally.
Our prayers and thoughts once again go to the Wharton family.

Wally Wharton (March 2009)

Wally was a very active member of the Association.  As well as going on many London Irish Tours he was a good supporter of friendly matches and in his last outdoor season played in eight games.  He played in the Indoor Minis of 2005/06 and 2006/07 and was a member of the winning Outdoor Mini team in September 2008.  Our thoughts go to his family and brother, Bob, who joined the Association in 2008.

Con Dunlea (December 2008)

The Secretary has received the sad news that Con Dunlea passed away before Christmas.  Con was a very active member during the 1980's and 1990's before his wife Kath became ill.