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LIBA AGM Minutes

Minutes of the London Irish BA AGM held on Sunday 1st March 2020 at 10.30am at Mid Surrey Bowling Club. Old Deer Park. Kew Road, Richmond TW9 2AZ

The meeting was opened by President Frank Oliver at 10.30amf by welcoming all attenders and thanking them for coming.

The following members were present: Jim Collins, Mike Power, Des Hunter, Frank Oliver, Ken Richardson, Sim Adamson, Dick Cummins, Fergal Keane, Adrian Mellett, Nigel Penn, and Sean Fallon.

1    Apologies for Absence

Richard Clarke (Richard had passed away between the notice of meeting and the meeting date) Piers Ashbourne, Bill Baxter, Dave Polly, Mike Allen, Hugh Russel and Wayne Kavanagh

2.    Obituaries

The meeting stood in memory of members who had passed away in the year since the last AGM.  Their names being Bill Copeland, Brian Young, Bob Stack, James McNeely, Richard Clarke, and Vince Duffy.

3.     New Members Attending Their First AGM

Fergal Keane

4.     Minutes of the 2019 AGM
These had been posted on the website, and hard copies were available.
These were proposed by Andy Docker and seconded by Andy Docker

5.     Matters Arising

6.    Correspondence

7.     Members Applications

8.     Reports

Captains Report AGM 2020

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as your Captain, however, like my first year this one too hasn’t been easy to get a full side out every time.  We won five friendlies last summer where two games a Horsham and Finchley were cancelled due to our lack of support.  The major success as the achievement of winning the Mini Internationals at Sutton, where I lost a lot of players in the week of the tournament, but we still managed to win the competition without some of our best players.  So thank you to everyone who played.

Since the last AGM we also played the indoor Mini’s at Riverain, unfortunately losing in the final to the Scots, in their Centenary Year, by a single shot.  Again we did not have our strongest side out, as changes had to be made in the last few days prior to the Final.

The indoor season 2019/2020 has been good with 5 wins, three games cancelled and w still have two matches still to play a Egham and Cheshunt.  It was unfortunate that the game against Hertfordshire, at Cheshunt, had to be cancelled with only eight players in our side and I also cancelled the game  at the new venue of Harpenden as, although we had a full team, with no catering available on the day, I could not expect some of our players who were travelling from a long way to go without food for nearly ten hours.  Donyngs was also cancelled due to the horrendous weather caused by storm Ciara.  I would not have wanted anyone to have had an accident by driving in those conditions.  The wind speed was horrendous with dangerous gusts of up to 90 mph, which caused a tree to be uprooted in a neighbouring garden which fell onto the roof of the next doors property.

As I said at the start, being your Captain has been a thoroughly enjoyable two years and I would encourage anyone who hasn’t had this experience to give it some thought and apply.  It’s good fun and you get to know all our members.  Without mentioning names, I am grateful to half a dozen members who have turned out for me on a regular basis, without their help, the vast majority of games would have been cancelled.  If you look at the teams listed on the website, it is obvious who these members are.  I would finally ask all members to play in an extra game or two o top of your normal schedule as this will give future Captains a better chance of fulfilling fixtures without the need to borrow players off opposing clubs and help our Association to continue to survive.  This is your Association so please support it.

Finally, I would like to give a big thank you to Sim Adamson who looks after the LIBA website so well.  After I always took the trouble to send to Sim via email the results and team sheets immediately the game was finished, they were updated on the website that evening or not later than the morning after the game.  Thank you, Sim, for showing that both of us are committed to the Association.  I wish the new incoming Captain good luck for the season and for those that follow.

Report proposed by Sean Fallon and seconded by Mike Power.

 President Frank congratulated Nigel and thanked him for his hard work.

B.     Treasurers Report

I am delighted to be able to report my account for the year ending 31st December 2019 and unlike the past three years to actually be present to do so. Last year in my report I lamented that we had no new members during 2018 and the knock effect it had to our finances. It is very pleasing to report therefore that in 2019 we recruited 12 new members – the most in one year during my 15 years as your Treasurer. This was of course helped with the decision at last year’s AGM to allow lady members and welcome to all five of them.

My thanks go as always to those who supported our sweepstake during the year particularly those who took it upon themselves to collect the money during the matches. – We had an income of £531 which compares favourably with previous years.

The story of the year however has to be the generous gift of £2000 received from an unknown benefactor. On behalf of the Association I should like to put on record our grateful thanks. This has changed our financial position enormously from what I reported last year as comfortable to an extremely strong position which will I am sure will see us remain so for a number of years.

On the expenditure front our outgoings totalled just over £1300. Within this figure was the cost of a gift to London Scottish Bowling Association on the anniversary of their centenary, a replacement trophy for the London Irish Singles which was resurrected last year and the purchase of some more blazer badges. Additionally we purchased a small quantity of shirts. Printing costs were for the fixture cards provided by Nick Winsor-Gaffney and my thanks to him for his work in producing a very professional fixture card.

There is nothing further I would wish to specifically remark upon in the Statement of Accounts. The floor is now open for any questions, which I will do my best to answer.

Ken Richardson.
Hon. Treasure

Statement of Accounts for the Year ended 31 December 2019

















Postage & Stationery




Trophies and engraving

LIBA shirts

Sunday expences

Bank account & Cash in hand






























Balance brought forward


Life membership




LIBA shirts




Badges,ties etc




















We have examined the receipts and payments and certify that they are
in accordance with the books presented to us.
N PENN…………………………………………………………Auditor 
A DOCKER……………………………………………………   Auditor 
The report was proposed by Adrian Mellet and seconded by Dick Cummins
Frank thanked Ken for all hiss hard work
 C. 	Competition Secretary 
No report. But it was felt that Mike Allen had done  a great job. 
D. 	Secretary 

Jim said that the biggest problem he has now is members not sending updates of address, email, or mobile numbers. 
Jim said he would also like to put on record his thanks to Sim Adamson for all his hard work regarding the website. He also wanted to thank Bill Baxter for all the information that he collates for the website.
Jim also informed the meeting that due to the increase in the cost of postage the outdoor fixture will be the last item posted, from now on any relative information will be on the website. Members who do not have the internet, if they contact me, I will send them hard copies. 

The AGM will be moved back to Jan with the audit being finalised in Oct. So this means the next audit will be covering a period of ten months

Frank thanked Jim for all his hard work

Report proposed by Des Hunter seconded by Andy Docker

E.     Dinner Committee

No report

F.     Fixture Secretary

No report

9.      Election of Officers





C.E. Guinness
Mike Power
Nigel Penn
Fergal Keane
Dick Cummins
Vice Presidents
D. Hunter
) On Block
Jim Collins Mike Power
Fixture Secretary
Caption Outdoor
Caption Indoor
Vice Caaption
Competition Secretary
J. Collins
B. MacBride
Andy Docker
Des Hunter

K. Richardson
Mike Allan
S. Adamson
N. Penn
A Mellett
S Fallon
Ken Richardson
Jim Collins
Sim Adamson
Jim Collins

Jim Collins
Des Hunter
)On Block
) Frank Oiliver
Sean Fallon
Frank Oliver
Mike Power
Adrian Mellent

Sim Adamson
Sean Fallon

Dick Cummins
Auditors Andy Docker and
N Penn

Jim Collins

Alan McInerney
10.	Proposals 

Bill Baxter proposed that Dick Cummins should be elected as an Honorary Member for stalwart work and long service to the Association

The proposal was carried unanimously by all present.

11.     Any Other Business

Jim Collins informed the meeting that Nick Gaffney had kindly offered to produce our fixture cards, the only cost being for the inks

Andy Docker asked whether there would be an Association tour in 2021. After discussion it was agreed that Andy would investigate the possibility.

Fergal Keane hoped that the demise of the annual dinner dance had nothing to do with him being a guest speaker. He was assured is was not

Nigel Penn asked about Association shirts. Ken Richardson gave an update re the shirts. The delay had been due to the embroidery machine breaking down. It was also felt that might be time to look for another distributor seeing as Cotswold Bowls was asking for minimum orders of ten at a time, which we felt was excessive.

Frank thanked Sue Collins for the tea coffee and biscuits. And he thanked everyone for attending.

Andy Docker proposed a vote of thanks to the chair. All agreed

The meeting closed at 11.20

Signed..................................................................      Date.........................................................