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LIBA AGM Minutes

IMinutes of the London Irish BA AGM held on Sunday 29 th January 2023 at 10.30am at Putney Town Bowls club. Commondale, Putney SW15 1HP.

The meeting was opened by President Frank Oliver at 10.45am by welcoming allattenders and thanking them for coming.

The following members were present: Jim Collins, Frank Oliver, Andy Docker, Mike Power, Sim Adamson, Ken Richardson, Sean Fallon, Fergal Keane, Adrian Mellett and Bruce MacBride,

1. Apologies for Absence

 Bill Baxter, Mike Allen, Nigel Penn, Eilish McLoughlin, Barrie Malone, Piers Ashbourne, Marion Keane, Dick Cummins, Mary Oliver, Chris Docker, Dave Polly.

2. Obituaries

 The meeting stood in memory of members who had passed away since the last AGM Noel Finn and unfortunately his wife Cecilia a few weeks later. David Hunt, and our Patron Sir Edward Guinness.

3. New Members Attending Their First AGM


4. Minutes of the 2022 AGM

 These had been posted on the website.

 These were proposed by Ken Ricardson and seconded by Mike Power.

6. Correspondence


7. Members Applications

 Robin Pretty, Marion Keane

8. Reports

A Captains Report.

Sean reported that he had good indoor season so far. He was being asked by indoor
clubs for numbers well before matches. This unfortunately on many occasions he is
unable to do until a few days before the match.
Lost in the mini’s, beat by the Welsh. Scots overall winners. Sean said a lot of people
were not happy with the new format. Jim informed him that the new format will take
a few seasons to settle down.
He has 21 players for the Desborough match.
Sean also thanked Mike Allen for his help during the season.

Report prosed by Mike Power and seconded by Frank Oliver.

B Treasures Report 
 Statement of Accounts for the period 1 October 2021 – 30 September 2022 
101 LIBA shirts
105 Web site fees
Donations to Edward Guinness Appeal for QEF
4412 Bank account & Cash in hand 4568.62
  Balance brought forward
Life membership
  LIBA shirts  243.75 
Badges, ties, etc.
We have examined the receipts and payments and certify that they are n accordance with the books presented to us.
N PENN ...........................................	Auditor................
A DOCKER   ............................................Auditor
Treasurer’s Report AGM 2023 

The year saw us return to some form of normality following Covids interruption to our bowling. We acquired, thanks in the main to Mike Allen, 8 new members and this was our main source of income during the year. Sean, your Captain, with enough to worry about in getting a team out, still managed on occasions to run the London Irish sweepstake and although down on the pre-Covid years it was a welcome boost to our funds.
Our expenditure was limited as you will see from the Statement of Accounts before you. Primarily the cost of having a website – the annual fee, which goes up every year now to 109.28, the bi-annual domain registration fee of £62.20 and a Secure Hosting fee of £25.20. Elsewhere we along with the other Mini Associations made a donation to our late patrons appeal for the Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation. The new members who joined this last year all required playing shirts so an order was made to Cotswold Bowls. At the same time I ordered a few extra to make available if needed in the immediate future.
So to summarise a year that saw our financial position improve slightly with our income exceeding our expenditure by just over £150. Looking to the future we are well placed financially.
Finally to announce that I have been in this role for almost 20 years and I’m not getting any younger. In all the circumstances I have decided that it’s time to consider “retirement” and if elected this will be my last year as Treasurer of the Association.

Vote of thanks by Frank Oliver. 
Report proposed by Mike Power and seconded by Fergal Keane 

C. Competition Secretary

No report

Winner Noel O’Shea, runner up Mike Allen.

D. Secretary

Before his report Jim said he would like to put on record his thanks to Sim Adamson for all his great work and help with the website.

Jim said that the main problem was members not informing him that their details have changed. He also informed the meeting that this would be his last season as Secretary. He also said he feared for the Association if new blood did not come forward. The cost of matches (catering) fuel and bar prices were a factor, also the expansion of the ULEZ will have a great impact on matches, as will restricted access to roads around clubs.

E Fixture Secretary 

Bruce reported that currently 9 fixtures have agreed for 2023 outdoor season. In chronological order these are West Wickham, Desborough, Southey, Ladygate, West Ealing, Wokingham, Cove, Egham, and Tilehurst. The Maidenhead fixture, which is normally our first fixture of the season, has been postponed due to the coronation, but has not yet been able to be accommodated elsewhere although we are still working on it.

I await invitations from Putney Town (incl Captains Day), Mid Surrey, London Scottish, Hendon, and Finchley.

I expect to be advised that the Mini’s will be on 24 th September 2023, we would prefer captains day to be on 3 rd or 10 th September if given the choice by Putney Town. 2 fixtures for the 23/24 indoor season are confirmed. i.e. Harpenden (15/10/23) who are very keen to entertain us and Whiteknights (25/2/24)

I have had an enquiry from Staines BC regarding a match in 2024 and I am waiting further proposal from them.

Report proposed Andy docker and seconded by Frank Oliver 
9. Election of Officers 
Position			 Name			 Proposer			 Seconder 
Patron 			Vacant 		
President			 F Oliver			 Jim Collins 		Mike Power 
 Vice Presidents
  B. Baxter	          }		On Block			Frank Oliver		Andy Docker
  D. Hunter          }
  D. Cummins      }
  M. Power          }
Secratary			J collins			Frank Oliver		K Richardson
Fixture Secratary		Bruce MacBride		K. Ricardson		Fergal Keane
Captain			Sean Fallen		Adrian Mellett		Mike Power
Vice Captain		Mike Allen			Sean Fallon		Frank Oliver
Treasurer			Ken Richardson		Jim Collins			Mike Power
Competition Secratary	Mike Allen			Adrian Mellett		Sean Fallon
	S Adamson	}	On Block		Fergal Keane		K Richardson
	A Docker		}
	A Mellett		}
	Andy Docker	}			Jim Collins			Mike Power
	Nigel Penn		}
10 Proposals
11 Any Other Business

Adrian Mellett asked if football cards could be used instead of the “fiddle” it was felt to leave it as it is.
Fergal Keane informed the meeting that Dick Cummins had not been well over the Christmas. He said he was calling in to see him on his way home. He also stated that he would be willing to take over as Treasurer.
Mike Power asked if we should contact the Irish Ambassador in relation to becoming our patron. After discussion it was felt to leave it for 12 months.
Andy Docker said that we need new blood, if not this could be the last year of the Association. He also suggested that we have an EGM at the end of the outdoor season, this was agreed.
If the Association is to fold, any monies within the Association will be decided at the EGM.
Frank Oliver on closing the meeting, informed the meeting that this would be his last season as President after completing his 2 year extension due to Covid. He also said he was sad with the AGM attendance. He thanked Sue Collins for providing the refreshments. He also thanked all the