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Rules of the Association

1.    Membership is open to male and female bowlers 14 years of age and over, of Irish birth, or one of whose parents or grandparents were born in Ireland.  All membership shall be submitted to the

Committee for approval.


2.    A Life Membership fee of £50.00 is payable. 


3.    Members who have played in three matches in one or more seasons for the Association shall e entitled to receive the Association blazer badge.  Matches played for the Association on tour and the Captain v Vice Captain match will count.


4.    Selection of teams for friendly and representative matches will be made by a Selection committee comprising the Captain, Vice Captain and Secretary, who shall have power to co-opt as they consider necessary.  For friendly matches teams will be chosen from members who have submitted application on vouchers provided, and for representative matches players and reserves (e.g. Miniature International) from those members who have qualified under the following conditions:

They must have received or be qualified to receive the Association blazer badge and have played in a least 2 outdoor matches in the current season for the Association.  The Captain v Vice Captain will count but not matches played on tour.  In the case of the indoor season the number of qualifying matches to have been played for the Association will also be 2.


5.    Regulation dress to be worn at all times.


6.    The officers of the Association shall be: President, Vice Presidents, Captain, Vice Captain, Secretary, Match Secretary, Treasurer and Publicity Officer.  The Committee shall consist of the officers and five other members of the Association, all to be elected at the A.G.M.  The number of Vice Presidents shall not exceed eight.


7.    Any Officer or Committee Member is eligible for re-election if they have signified to the Secretary that they are willing to stand for re-election


8.    That the office of President of the London Irish Bowling Association to be held by any one person shall be for maximum of five (5) years or any part thereof.


9.    An Extraordinary General Meeting may be convened on a requisition signed by six members of the Association.  The requisition must state the purpose for which they wish the meeting convened.


10.    An audited Statement of Accounts and Balance Sheet will be submitted at the A.G.M.


11.    No alterations or additions to the rules shall be made except at the A.G.M.


Rules ratified at the A.G.M. on 20 February 1981 and 9th February 1996.  Incorporating subsequent revisions dated:

19th February 1982, 7th February 1992, 12th February 1993, 7th February 1997, 6th February 1998, 9th February 2001, 8th February 2002, Jan 22nd 2006, Jan 25th 2009