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Singles Champions

The Singles Championship of the Association has been played since 1962. The name of the Champion and Runner Up for each year is recorded below:

1962 W.McDonald M. Murphy 1963 R. Stevenson A. J. Wright
1964 D. Murphy M. Murphy 1965 R. Stevenson A. J. Wright
1966 J. Keily   A. J. Wright   1967 W. H. Smith   M. Norris
1968 R. Craske   M. F. McGough   1969 J. Kiely   A. J. Wright
1970 J. Culbert   W. McDonald   1971 W. McDonald   M. Norris
1972 M. Norris   A. J. Wright   1973 E. J. Kelly   J. Holmes
1974 J. Holmes   J. Culbert   1975 J. Culbert   A. J. Wright
1976 A. G. Durkan J. O'Neill 1977 N. Carroll M. O'Hare
1978 G. B. Orr   T. J. Moriarty   1979 R. Stevenson   J. Doolan
1980 N. Carroll   T. J. Moriarty   1981 L.P. Nicholl   R. Stafford
1982 J. F. Owens   A. Lynch   1983 R.J. Cummins   R. Stevenson
1984 G. Little   R. M Clarke   1985 J. Patterson   N. Carroll
1986 R. M. Clarke   P. Mc Fadden   1987 J. Dobson   A. Lynch
1988 B. Baxter   P. Curham   1989 N. Carroll   L. Furlong
1990 D. J. O'Toole D. T Kearns 1991 N. Carroll S. J Fallon
1992 B. P. Malone   D. Crowley   1993 D. Hunter   N. Carroll
1994 T. S. Orr   D. Hunter   1995 T. S. Orr   J. Keane
1996 T. S. Orr I. McCarthy 1997 D. Hunter J. Brady
1998 T. S. Orr J. Brady 1999 B. Redmond J. Collins
2000 D. Hunter   B. Redmond   2001 T. S. Orr   B. Baxter
2002 B. Baxter   J. Dobson   2003 J Dobson   C Nolan
2004 S Fallon   J Burke   2005 B Baxter   D Cummins
2006 J Burke   D Hunter   2007 J Carey   J F Farrell
2008 Dick Cummins   Bob Gallacher   2009 Colin Jones   Joe Burke
2010 Dave Seymour   Jim Collins   2011 Tim Orr   Kevin McNamee
2012 John Lyttle   John Carey   2013 Tim Orr   Ken McCarthy
2014 Tim Jones   Jason Lyttle   2015 Colin Nolan   Ken McCarthy
2016 NO COMPETITION   2017 John O'Flynn   Noel O'Shea
2018 NO COMPETITION   2019 Noel O'Shea   Ken McCarthy
2022 Noel 'Shea   Mike Allen